DJ Elvin, Trainer/ Consultant/ Owner


Daniel Elvin (DJ), gym owner and fitness expert, has always possessed a passion for fitness and making the body better.  From an early age, as a competitive skier and then as a collegiate athlete, DJ was building a solid base of experience and knowledge of exercise and nutrition.  Upon earning his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from the State University of New York College at Buffalo he spent the next 7 years working as a trainer and gym manager at various WNY fitness facilities.  DJ knew that he wanted to use his love of fitness and training expertise to help others.  He believed in giving clients a unique and challenging training experience that would breed positive individual results.  So in 2009 he opened his own training facility, Body Bar Buffalo.


In DJ’s combined 18 years as a trainer and gym owner he has worked with hundreds of clients with varying abilities and fitness goals.  From working with professional athletes and NFL Franchise Strength and Conditioning Coaches, and conducting skills camps for high school athletes, to providing motivation and nutrition advice to clients hoping to lose weight or rehabilitate after an injury, his workouts are tailored to the individual to meet his/her specific needs.  DJ’s intense passion, along with his wealth of experience, make him one of the premier trainers in WNY.